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Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson on Amazon

Fred Wilson

All the major companies like Alphabet,Facebook and Amazon among all Amazon is the least heavily disrupted venture said by Fred Wilson.”Amazon might be the most disruption protected,” Wilson said.” In few years Amazon has a really diverse set of businesses and as a result it stands tall in the market today. Amazon Web Services is the most successful ventures among them.

Wilson is a partner at Union Square Ventures,an early investor in internet companies like Stripe, Twilio, LendingClub, Etsy, Tumblr, Twitter and Indeed.He spoke from the Techonomy NYC conference.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos genius business model that allows the company to subsidize its entertainment offerings with its shipping business. Fred told that whether it is an accident or whether he figured this out 10 years ago. Prime is giving them a competitive advantage in the television and music business. Fred added that retail is really suffering so they have taken a wise choice to enter the entertainment field.

In the gathering of all CEO’s they found out that now the people are not using social media anymore, as well as  it follows with all the big CEO’s. The main use of today’s social media is to promote themselves and their companies. They have unfollowed everybody, and they are just using it for the broadcast mechanism.

Wilson said that the minute President Donald Trump was elected, he muted the word “Trump” on social media.

“I don’t follow Trump — I have opted out of that,” Wilson said. “It’s counterproductive. …. Trump is a troll, and what we must do to trolls is we must ignore trolls. They get their power from us paying attention to them. We have to just stop paying attention to him. The democracy and political system will take care of him in due course. …. and we will go on and do other things, like fix the f—— health-care system — that would be more productive.”

Wilson said consumers will slowly begin to opt out of Facebook when they realize the downsides of the current internet model — problems like cybersecurity breaches, data collection and the concentration of corporate finance. Instead, Wilson insisted on, virtual currencies powered by blockchain could allow people to easily pay for decentralized services like Wikipedia — services that are free today because they are difficult to monetize with advertising. He pointed to the positive forces of technology, like genetic testing, flying cars, machine learning and flying cars. building is actually a historical “National Guard Armory”

armory.jpg building in California

The people who are fond of architecture,filming,pornography and finding more about different places and buildings then this is the destination you all be waiting for.This is the building which is under and originally named San Francisco National Guard Armory and Arsenal or simply The Armory, is a historic building in the Mission District of San Francisco, California.

History :

The building was constructed as an armory and arsenal for the United States National Guard in 1912–1914 and designed with a castle-like appearance in a Moorish Revival style. The Armory was built on part of the site of Woodward’s Gardens (1866–1891), a zoo, aquarium, art museum, and amusement park which covered two city blocks, bounded by Mission, Valencia, 13th, and 15th Streets. The structure was built as a replacement for the old San Francisco Armory in the Western Addition, which had been destroyed by the 1906 earthquake. In addition to its role as an armory and arsenal, during the 1920s, it served as a venue for sporting events, such as prizefights.

The Armory served as a stronghold and rallying point for the National Guard in their suppression of the 1934 San Francisco General Strike (an event known as “Bloody Thursday”). The building closed as an armory in 1976, when the National Guard moved its facilities to Fort Funston.

Used as Sports Venue :

Venue inside for boxing and different fights 

From the 1920s through the 1940s, the Mission Armory served as San Francisco’s primary sports venue, eventually earning the nickname “the Madison Square Garden of the West“. For almost three decades, at least two prizefights were held in the Drill Court each week.

One very notable fight included a light heavyweight title fight between Young Jim Corbett III and Jackie Fields. Other notable fights that took place in the Armory included matches between Mike Teague and Jack Thompson (both were welterweight champions); and Young Jim Corbett (the son of “Gentleman Jim” Corbett) and Pete Myers in 1929.

Used in Star Wars :

After 1976, the building was largely unused for the next 30 years, though in 1978 the building was registered as a Class 2 historical landmark in the National Register of Historic Places. Several spaceship-interior scenes in the Star Wars movie The Empire Strikes Back were filmed there,and the San Francisco Opera used the large inner court of The Armory for set construction and rehearsals until the mid-1990s.

By this time, The Armory was in a heavy state of disrepair. Various uses of the building were proposed from 1996 to 2006, including self storage units, a rehabilitation clinic, a gym with a rock wall, a dot-com office park,a telecommunications switching center,luxury housing, and low-income housing.

Reign of :

Rules of

In late 2006, The Armory was purchased for $14.5 million by, a San Francisco-based internet pornography producer specializing in BDSM pornography. As of 2007, the company is using the building as a studio for production of content for their websites.

Peter Acworth : Founder of

Peter Acworth, the company’s owner, has stated that the structure suits the needs of the company very well without need for significant structural modifications to the building, and that the company would begin repairs to the decaying structure. It was also announced that planned at some point in the future to rent out studio space for film production of all kinds within The Armory.

The sale was not announced until January 2007 as a result of a non-disclosure agreement with the previous owner. The sale drew a mixed response from the San Francisco community. Many people welcomed this use of The Armory as a way of revitalizing the structure and bringing back business to the area without altering the appearance of the historic building, as well as being in keeping with San Francisco’s tradition of accommodating sexual minorities. Others were disturbed that a pornography studio would be located in the middle of a residential neighborhood near schools, or were opposed to the abandonment of plans for low-income housing at the site, as well as the lack of community input into this use of The Armory.

A group known as the Mission Armory Community Collective soon formed in opposition to’s use of The Armory; the group held a public protest in front of The Armory in early February 2007. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom also expressed concern over the purchase, and scheduled a special meeting of the San Francisco Planning Commission in March 2007 to review the company’s use of the building. This public meeting was well-attended by both supporters and detractors of the purchase. The Planning Commission for its part ruled that was not in violation of any law or zoning requirement.

Although has stated that its activities would be invisible to the surrounding neighborhood, La Casa de las Madres, a neighboring women’s shelter, announced in late March 2007 that they would be leaving the location. The shelter had planned on moving from that location in 2009 when their lease expired, but stated that they would be leaving early because of’s presence.

In late 2007, Acworth approached the San Francisco Planning Commission with the idea of converting part of the Armory space into webcam-lined condominia. However, Acworth also described the plans as “extremely hypothetical” and stated that, “There is no firm plan for using the Armory for anything but a conventional film studio for now.”

In May and December, 2008, the San Francisco Armory hosted Mission Bazaar, an all-ages arts fair featuring local artists and craftspeople selling their work, as well as performances. It was the first public event held in the Armory since the 1970s.

Since then, the building has housed public events and sports competitions. It is open on public tours and for BDSM-related workshops.

Search Engine which can beat Google : BoodiGo



Doing Google search is our everyday habit like brushing our teeth,bathing, going to school or office etc.But now the question comes that are we becoming lazy to judge the right thing or we are giving more importance to Google for our searches by not asking the question what is right.So comparisons are needed.When it comes to porn the first thing we depend on Google for good results but according to studies it does not give correct results as BoodiGo.

But the question arises that the restrictions imposed on searches of porn.Weather it is Goggle,Yahoo,Bing or others they all have their restrictions at some level.So to remove that restrictions absolutely a new search engine named BoodiGo is in the market. BoodiGo was founded by ex-Google employees and development work is done in one of the Los Angeles based tech company named 0x7a69.

Colin Rowntree.jpeg
“Colin Rowntree” one of the principal owners of BoodiGo

But this search engine is not the only one there are few others like and PornMD. But unlike PornMD, which will take you directly to free tube sites (which many performers in the adult industry have claimed encourages the spread of illegal piracy), BoodiGo is marketing itself as a search engine for the ethical porn aficionado: The site directs you to individual performer and studio pay sites, instead of sites that might feature illegally posted or unlicensed content.

Curious about to know the performance of BoodiGo compared to Google.As according to my testing if we type an adult keyword suppose “Blowjob” in Google, first four to five results will show the results of Wikipedia,tumblr,reddit and some blog links means what we are finding is not in first four to five links.Later we can see the results what we desired but this is not the case in BoodiGo. Suppose if we take one more example like to know about the adult performers like “Belle Knox” simply on the right side we can see the bio data and the more preferred links linking to Belle Knox.

Results showing on Google
Results showing on BoodiGo

After that I tried “eel anal porn,” based on an unnamed coworker’s suggestion that a film called Eels Out the Ass Like Whoa is a real thing.When I searched on Google, the clip immediately came up in the second search result, for better or for worse:


Sadly, that was not the case on Boodigo. Apparently, the site had some trouble differentiating between the specific niche I was searching for (i.e. eel anal porn), and good old-fashioned anal porn, which in the world of porn searches is kind of like being unable to tell the difference between a Burgundy and a Bordeaux and just saying, “meh, they’re both red wines.”

Boodigo also pulled up a performer named “Anal Alan,” whom I had never heard of but apparently has an empty YouTube channel. (Given that his height is listed as “0,” I guess it’s no surprise that his career never took off).Because “eel anal porn” is admittedly fairly obscure, I decided to search for just “anal.” My luck was a little better with Boodigo this time around but when I have just tried to write anal in Google then the results were as expected.It showed some results containing links to some blogs,wikipedia and r/anal subreddit. So by this results we can hope that soon there will be some improvements in BoodiGo and people would find the correct results wasting their time for porn in Google.  

Watch Porn and increase your Knowledge


You can learn a lot by watching porn.In internet adult industry is one of the biggest industry comparatively to newspaper,Hollywood and music.But if one day this industry falls down then what will happen ? Don’t worry it’s not our matter.But what matters is  besides pornography this industry has given a new way to think in the society as well as to the techworld  and to the engineers.Now it’s our perception which side of the coin we see.

Pornhub is one of the world’s biggest website in adult industry. Pornhub was founded by web developer Matt Keezer as a website within the company Interhub, and launched in early 2007.In March 2010, the company was purchased by Fabian Thylmann as part of the Manwin conglomerate, now known as MindGeek. As part of MindGeek, Pornhub makes up one of several porn websites in the company’s “Pornhub NETWORK“, alongside YouPorn,RedTube and the like.

Pornhub is extending their business by collaborating with small but future potential companies.Some of their content partners are Brazzers, Mofos, Digital Playground and Twistys. As most fascinating thing about Pornhub is not their sexy models but the interface which they have designed. An effort to introduce quality curation to the site, the company launched a service called “Pornhub Select” in October 2013. Pornhub Select allows users to view exclusively high-definition videos with a minimal interface and few advertisements. Pornhub is primarily focusing on quality curation but there is also another venture of Pornhub named “PornIQ” which focuses on content curation.

Searching interface of PornIQ

PornIQ uses an algorithm to create personalized video playlists for the viewer based on a number of factors, including their porn preferences, the time of day they’re visiting the website, what part of the world they live in and the amount of time the viewer has to watch the video(s).It’s almost like a game to operate by users.

David Holmes of PandoDaily noted that Pornhub’s data-intensive approach to playlists set it apart from previous attempts at user-generated playlists, and marked a new trend in the switch from content searching to passive curation among Web 2.0 websites. Pornhub serves up a product that’s highly in-demand, and their traffic shows it, with over 70 million daily visitors to the Pornhub Network of sites, and multiple destinations in the top 100 sites in the world.

So we can say that Pornhub and it’s other ventures can better handle their intensive traffic everyday and there working algorithms are one of the great mysteries in techworld.

First Goggle Doodle and their journey

When you first open up your Goggle search engine what you see,a nice animated picture related to a particular festival around Google word.As it is not an easy task for the graphic designers as well as for developers to develop a creative doddle for every particular day.But have you ever questioned that what was the first Google Doodle and when it was launched and for what purpose.What was the idea that clicked in mind of two students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The answers are here :

The first Google Doodle was an out-of-office message.  The day was August 30, 1998 – nearly two years after Larry Page and Sergey Brin had built a search engine in a Stanford dorm room, and less than a week  before Google would officially incorporate  as a company. Google was so young then, indeed, that it still had a Yahoo!-style exclamation mark as part of its logo.

Brin and Larry Page spent the last week of August 1998 to go to the Burning Man festival. But before the pair could engage in some radical self-expression and/or radical self-reliance in the Nevada desert, they needed something a little less radical: a way to let people know they were away. The pair decided on a little icon – the Burning Man logo – and placed the spare stick figure behind Google’s second “o”. They published the new image to their site on the World Wide Web.

Burning Man Doodle

The resulting little portlogo was intended, Google would later note in its history of the Google Doodle, as “a comical message to Google users that the founders were ‘out of office.'” And while that first doodle was “relatively simple,” the history notes, “the idea of decorating the company logo to celebrate notable events was born.” In 2000, the founders would ask Google’s then-intern Dennis Hwang, now the company’s webmaster, to produce a doodle for Bastille Day. People liked it — so much, in fact, that Page and Brin ended up giving Hwang the oh-so-Googley title of “chief doodler“.

Bastille Day Doodle

His doodles, at first, tended to focus on familiar holidays; eventually, they came to include everything from niche histories (today’s tribute to Jane Addams) to celebrations of mundane delights (the ice cream sundae).

Jane Addams Doodle
Ice Cream Sundae Doodle

And there have been a lot of them. More than 1,000 of them, in fact. But they all came from that first one, that now-15-year-old burner. He was the stick figure that launched a thousand doodles.

DAQRI : New face of augmented reality


DAQRI is an American augmented reality company founded in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.In June 2015, Daqri opened a European headquarters and development center in Dublin, Ireland.

The company’s primary product is an augmented reality wearable tech Smart Helmet designed for the industrial industry. This product came to be known when it was presented in an expo of Intel. This helmet shows how efficiently the instructions are given to a labor to operate a particular machine.As the instructions are shown in front of the users eye with the directions to operate the machines.

Founded in 2010, Daqri entered the market in February 2011 by releasing an augmented reality publishing platform designed to superimpose an image or video over a smartphone’s camera after scanning a QR code Daqri subsequently created content and applications for 4D augmented reality technology for entertainment, education and industrial companies.


In June 2013, Daqri raised a $15 million Series A led by Tarsadia Investments. Atom Factory CEO Troy Carter, Ashton Kutcher, and D.A. Wallach joined the company’s advisory board.

In 2014, Daqri expanded its business model into wearable tech hardware and began development on an augmented reality Smart Helmet, an Android-powered hard hat designed for the industrial and construction industries. Daqri Smart Helmet contains two Qualcomm Snapdragon processor chips and an array of cameras and sensors, and is used to create augmented reality for the industrial worker, including visual instructions, real time alerts, and 3D mapping.


In July 2014, the company hired Andy Lowery, a former Raytheon executive, to serve as President.

In February 2015, Daqri acquired Melon, an EEG-tracking headband company headquartered in Venice, CA, for an undisclosed sum. In May 2015, Daqri acquired ARToolworks, one of the earliest augmented reality companies on the market, notable for the open-source ARToolKit libraries.


Google Translator added with new languages : Total 103

google translator

With its 10th anniversary approaching, Google Translate has expanded its repertoire of languages to 103, which means it can now provide machine learning-based translations to about 99 percent of the world’s online population.

Over the next few days, the translation tool will add support for 13 additional languages, ranging from Ethiopia’s Amharic to South Africa’s Xhosa, Sveta Kelman, senior program manager for Google Translate, announced in a blog post yesterday. The update means an additional 120 million potential users for Google Translate.

Google Translate first launched in 2006 using an early form of computer-assisted translation based on information from dictionaries, grammar guides and other sources. It has since evolved into a more advanced approach based on machine learning that is refined through online language resources and human assistance from the Google Translate Community.

When Google Translate was first made available online, it covered just a small number of language pairs, including English-Arabic, English-Chinese and English-Russian. By the summer of 2009, it had grown to support 51 languages.

To date, more than 3 million people in the Translate Community have helped to correct and improve Google’s machine-based translation capabilities and their contributions cover some 200 million translated words.

“As we scan the Web for billions of already translated texts, we use machine learning to identify statistical patterns at enormous scale, so our machines can ‘learn’ the language”. “For each new language, google makes their translations better over time, both by improving their algorithms and systems and by learning from peoples translation with Translate Community.”

  • Besides Amharic and Xhosa, the new languages coming to Google Translate are: Corsican, Napoleon’s first language; Frisian (Netherlands and Germany); Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstan); Hawaiian; Kurmanji Kurdish (Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria); Luxembourgish; Samoan; Scots Gaelic; Shona (Zimbabwe); Sindhi (Pakistan and India); and Pashto (Afghanistan and Pakistan).

In other machine-learning-based translation news, Microsoft today announced that it was rolling out two new features for its mobile Microsoft Translator apps. They include a new Android-based translation engine that uses artificial intelligence and support for image-based translations using optical character recognition technology on iOS.

Both Microsoft and Google also provide conversation-based translation support, and last year Microsoft’s Skype rolled out a preview version of near-real-time translations for spoken conversations in four languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin Chinese.


Who will manage your social accounts after you die

facebook     google+                                                                                                                       By seeing one of my friends facebook account who is no more in this world, one question clicked in my mind that anyone is accessing his account or it is the fault of an algorithm that it shows the most relevant friends in your circle or friends relevant to your friends friend circle.As the answer is little bit confusing from technical point of view much like the question but now the solution is there. On this topic lots of discussion is done and on Tuesday a bill passed unanimously in the Florida Senate, with a related bill planned for debate in the House, that would require an explicit agreement by account holders in a will or through an internet company to allow another person to take over an accounts if they die. The Florida Senate said the bill is meant to clear up potential conflict between internet companies and loved ones attempting to access accounts after death.

Florida’s legislature comes after several other states have created similar frameworks. Connecticut recently ruled only an administrator of an estate can access the emails of a deceased person, and Rhode Island passed a similar law granting the administrator access to email as well. Neither of those policies give the person access to the social media accounts of the deceased, but other states, like Oklahoma, specify that administrator access does include microblogging and social media accounts.

With these scattered, inconsistent state-level policies, some social media platforms have created their own answers. Facebook offers members the option to designate someone as a “legacy contact” to manage their accounts after death. Google has also allowed users to name heirs and prepare for “digital afterlife”.

Of course, social media is not the only factor to get in order after death: there is also online banking (reminding someone to cash out your Venmo after you die, for example), gaming avatars, and online dating accounts. Privacy advocates have long expressed the need to create consistent framework for death online, and some “digital legacy” companies have popped up to cater to that market.

The laws are slowly catching up as we navigate the awkward early stages of death on the internet: we don’t really “like” that someone died, and we don’t need to be reminded that “this day in 2015” we were happily hanging out with someone who is no longer with us.

Moto X Force – Big test for Motorola

Moto X Force

Lenovo-owned Motorola has launched the Moto X Force smartphone in India, priced at Rs. 49,999 for the 32GB variant, and Rs. 53,999 for the 64GB variant. The smartphone will be available to purchase from February 8 via Amazon India, Flipkart, and physical retail stores (including Croma and Spice) in Black, Grey, and White colour variants.

(See: Moto X Force Full Specifications)

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